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New Wave Instruments
Manufacturer of Spread Spectrum Development Tools and Test Equipment

New Wave Instruments began life in the usual way -- in a small Silicon Valley garage back in the 1980s. The year was 1987, and awareness of spread spectrum technology was just beginning to grow. As a means of fostering research and innovation, the Federal Communications Commission was preparing to make certain Part 15 ISM (Industrial Scientific, & Measurement) radio bands available to the public, thus making license-free spread spectrum communications possible. The military and reconnaissance industries were no longer to be the sole users of this relatively young technology.

The Young and the Restless (Engineers)

Two young and ambitious engineers, Sanford Larsen and Larry Christensen, had become restless in their jobs, and took the bold leap into the risky business of hi-tech startups. The two had been classmates since high school, and had both graduated with honors from Brigham Young University with Masters of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering. (Or, as the locals call the institution, "Bring 'em Young University.") Sanford had specialized in digital signal processing (DSP) and communications theory, Larry in cryptography. Larry had furthered his education at UC Berkeley, where he received his Master of Business Administration degree.

The fledgling entrepreneurs put their heads together, and decided it would be best to focus on a product with which they had prior experience, yet one with no competition in the current market. Sanford had worked for a signal intelligence "think tank" in Santa Clara, Signal Science Inc., where he received considerable experience with spread spectrum, as both a counter-intelligence and a reconnaissance measure. That, along with his prior experience in logic design, made it an easy decision as to what product line the two would first develop -- spread spectrum generators. And with Larry's experience on the business side at Rolm corporation, in Sunnyvale, the two set out on their new-found journey as entrepreneurs. And thus came about New Wave Instruments.

A Startup is Born

Sanford and Larry originally ran their new business out of the dining room of Sanford's small home, where they immediately began taking orders for their new product. Their first customers included defense-industry giants Lockheed and Boeing Aerospace, and government agencies National Security Agency (NSA) and Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Not long afterward they began exporting to numerous countries abroad, primarily to Canada, India, and Japan.

The company was growing, but neither Larry nor Sanford was interested in setting roots in bustling Silicon Valley. In the early 1990s they relocated the business to their hometown of Provo, Utah. At the time, with the recent fall of the Soviet Union, and subsequent decreases in US defense spending, the domestic market for spread spectrum generators began to shrink. It was at this time that Larry and Sanford joined forces with former schoolmate and head of the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center's Radiology Department, Dr. Wendell Gibby. Together they cofounded Magnetic Research Inc. (later bought by NovaRad Corporation), which develops and sells magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) peripherals, including teleradiology equipment and surface coils.

Meanwhile, back at the New Wave ranch, domestic sales were picking up as the telecom giants started developing second-generation (2G) digital cell phones. Several of these companies, including NYNEX and Southwestern Bell, were ordering generators like they were going out of style. This made those of us at New Wave Instruments realize the sense of urgency and competition that was brewing in the personal communications services (PCS) market. The cell phone boom of the late 1990s proved a testament to this fact, as has the subsequent development and deployment of third generation (3G) cellular technology.

The Future

Today, demand for further development and application of spread spectrum technology is evident. The FCC has approved additional radio bands at the higher microwave frequencies for spread spectrum use. Wideband CDMA is the latest industry buzzword. Telecom companies are deeply involved in development of 3G and 4G cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Lowering costs of spread spectrum chip sets are making it possible to use spread spectrum in cost-sensitive commercial applications. And wireless LANs using spread spectrum are becoming accepted players in "the last mile" applications.

Even after more than a decade, life is just beginning for spread spectrum. And we at New Wave Instruments are proud to know we have been a major contributor. We remain committed to maintaining and building upon the high standing we enjoy among our colleagues and customers.

Business Details

According to regulations set forth by the Small Business Administration (SBA), New Wave Instruments qualifies as a Small Business Concern (SBC), and is therefore eligible for small business set-asides.

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SIC Code:   3825
NAICS Code:   334515


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