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Friends of New Wave Instruments

This page is dedicated to the many individuals, organizations, and businesses that have supported New Wave Instruments and its employees over the years in one way or another. We wish to acknowledge their support by providing links to their respective Web sites.

Personal Friends

Daniel Smith's Masters Thesis (PDF) - Entitled Constraint Analysis of Assemblies Using Screw Theory and Tolerance Sensitivities, this is good stuff everybody should know. (Just in case you can't tell, Danny's a really smart guy.)

The Real Reason for War with Iraq - A well-researched essay by a friend of ours. To thwart voluminous hate mail, he has taken on the pseudonym Andy Carson.

NWI Humor - NWI employees apparently have a sense of humor.

Filipinos Can Indeed Renew Their Passports by Mail - An NWI employee straightens the record: No, Filipinos do NOT have to renew their passports in person at a Philippines consulate. This knowledge will save Filipinos tens of millions of dollars in travel costs once word gets out!


(None at this time.)

Commercial Businesses

dBm Engineering - RF power design services.

MicroSignals Inc. -- Receiver Circuit Schematics - MicroSignals combines excellent transformer technology with commitment to Total Quality and Design for Manufacture principles to offer a high-performance, low-cost product line.

Consumer Businesses

(None at this time.)

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