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Discount Computer Parts

Computer Geeks Discount Outlet - Only a modest selection of parts to choose from, including brand new, surplus, and used parts. But outstanding prices and great customer service. - Tiger offers a large selection of parts and barebone kits, most at nicely discounted prices. - Offers competitive prices on an absolutely enormous selection of computer parts. (They claim over 70,000 stock items.) Downgraded by one star because the minimum shipping cost is a bit high ($9 the last time we checked.) Fortunately, adding more items to the shopping cart raises the shipping cost very little.

PC Mall - Enormous selection, and a very useful search feature that allows sorting by price, manufacturer, or feature. Carries high-volume parts, but not barebone hardware like motherboards and power supplies. So downgraded by one star.

CompUSA - CompUSA is the nation's leading retailer of computer-related products. While not often offering the lowest prices, CompUSA does have an occasional "blowout" special from among a moderatley large selection of computer parts and supplies.

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