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Used Computer Auctions

Low-Bid Tip: Here's an easy way to win at a much lower bid. Use the auction site's search engine to locate the item you're looking for. But try using uncommon alternative words in your search phrase. For example, instead of searching for Microsoft Office Professional, try MS Office Professional and Microsoft Office Pro. Because fewer people find these listings, you'll have less competition!

uBid - uBid, which has always emphasized computers., is a great site for bidding on PCs and peripherals, or for selling your old stuff. Highly recommended.

eBay - eBay is the country's premier auction site. It doesn't emphasize computers the way uBid does, but many people choose eBay over any other auction site. Auctions - has been so successful in their retail sales, they've decided to take on eBay and uBid in the auction arena. They're off to a pretty good start, but still have a ways to go to catch up! - Compared to eBay and uBid, Bidz offers a very small selection of PCs to bid on.

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