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Surplus & Used Computer Stores

Computer Geeks Discount Outlet - Computer Geeks is the place to shop for barebone computers and parts at rock-bottom prices, making it a great store for -- well -- computer geeks! Complete pre-built systems are also available but can be hard to locate on their site. Click Refurbished Desktops or Refurbished Notebooks to go straight to their systems page. By the way, Geeks is known for their great customer service. (by eBay) - Similar to an auction site in that the seller can be anybody in the United States, but prices are fixed. Some prices are incredibly low. (See our Used Computer Auctions category.) has now been incorporated into eBay's main Web site. To see (i.e. non-auction) products, look for the Buy It Now icons. - Appears to be a great site for buying used and surplus computer products. However, this is a new listing -- so there may not be enough feedback yet to give an accurate rating.

Dell Outlet Dell Outlet 148x135- Refurbished Dell computers sold by Dell themselves are great systems with good warranties. But we downgraded them by one star because their prices tend to run a bit on the high side. If clicking on the Dell Outlet link takes you to the Dell Home page instead, click REFURBISHED SYSTEMS on their navigation bar (along the very top) to go to the Dell Outlet. - Sells new and refurbished PCs and peripherals, not much surplus. (Tiger's parts are mostly brand new.) Good selection to choose from and low prices. Click RECERTIFIED on the site's navigation bar (along the top) to see their refurbished offerings. - Offers some of the lowest prices on a large selection of desktops and laptops, but not much of a selection on parts or peripherals. Sells both surplus and refurbished systems. also sells electronics, digital cameras, and other goods at deeply discounted prices. Downgraded by one star due to higher-than-average return rates in recent weeks.

PC Mall - Sells brand new, surplus, and refurbished computers at fair prices. But PC Mall's peripherals and parts are mostly brand new, so you may need to look elsewhere if you insist on used parts. On the other hand, the selection of used systems is enormous, and a handy search feature that allows sorting by price, manufacturer, or feature is available. The only way to find PC Mall's surplus & refurbished systems is by searching for the lowest-priced (or slower) ones via their search feature.

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