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Surplus & Used Computer Parts

Computer Geeks Discount Outlet - Offers a small selection of surplus, used, and refurbished parts to choose from. Outstanding prices and great customer service.

eBay's "Buy It Now" - Though eBay is known as an auction site, there are several member businesses and individuals who sell their products at a fixed price. Just search for the product as usual, and look for the Buy It Now icons to identify fixed-price products. - Similar to an auction site in that the seller can be anybody in the United States, but prices are fixed. Some prices are incredibly low. (See our Used Computer Auctions category.) - Appears to be a great site for buying used and surplus computer products. However, this is a new listing and so there isn't enough feedback yet to give a reliable rating. Used Systems - Amazon's used computer parts tend to be priced high. But then, you get the great customer service Amazon is famous for.

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