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Computer Geeks offers only a moderate selection of used desktop computers, and sometimes a few overstocked and new systems. But Geek's prices are hard to beat, as is their great customer support.



Tip: Click Recertified on Tiger's navigation bar (along the top) to see their refurbished offerings.

Tiger sells primarily new systems. But they also have a decent selection of used systems, most at very competitive prices. Tiger offers a few used peripherals as well. Click Refurbished on their home page to see their offering of used systems and peripherals.



New: has now been incorporated into eBay's main Web site. To see (i.e. non-auction) products, look for the Buy It Now icon. is an interesting company in that it is sort of a cross between a mall and an auction site. Items offered on are sold by individuals and small companies, but at fixed prices. Some prices are incredibly low, and so it's definitely worth a look. Downgraded by one star only because we wonder about return policies when dealing with individuals. (Avid eBay users contend that's seller rating system works well in ensuring customer satisfaction.)



Tip: Allow time for the complete page to load. offers some of the lowest prices online on a fairly large selection of refurbished desktop computers. They also sell greatly discounted electronics, digital cameras, and more.


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