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Tip: To locate Tiger's Lenovo-IBM computers, click on the Computers or Notebooks tab, and then click Shop By Brand in the left column.

TigerDirect offers a large selection of refurbished IBM computers. Many are grade A "off-lease" computers, meaning that the PC was previously leased to a corporate customer, and then returned to IBM, cleaned up, thoroughly checked, and repackaged for sale. Grade A means that the computer appears to be virtually new, having no cosmetic blemishes. TigerDirect's prices on IBM computers are very competitive.



Tip: The only way to locate Geek's IBM computers is to click Desktops or Laptops in the left-column category list, and then browse for Lenovo-IBM brand PCs.

Computer Geeks doesn't have the largest selection of IBM computers in stock. But they do offer some of the lowest prices online. And Geek's is well known for their excellent customer support. So if you find the PC you want at Computer Geeks, this is definitely the place to buy.


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