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IBM owners say that once you've owned an IBM laptop, you'll never buy another brand. IBM's laptop prices are competitive with Dell's. But IBM's laptops tend to run a little slower and have a somewhat shorter battery life. On the other hand, IBM's display quality is exceptional, as is the overall product quality. IBM sells both new and refurbished computers at greatly discounted prices. When buying an IBM laptop, be sure to note the type of pointing device used, as a lot of models use a stick rather than the more popular touchpad. Many people hate using a stick.



Dell's laptops are the most popular on the market, noted primarily for long battery life. And with today's low prices and Dell's reputation for quality, you can't go wrong with a Dell. If you're on a tight budget, consider buying a used Dell laptop. Just click Refurbished Systems on their site's navigation bar, located along the very top of their home page.



Gateway offers a nice selection of quality laptops. Performance is on par with IBM's systems, and battery life lies midway between IBM's and Dell's. But prices tend to be a bit higher than both. Plus their reliability record is below par. So downgraded by two stars.


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