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New Wave Instruments has been the leading manufacturer of spread-spectrum PN sequence generators for over a decade. Our generators are used in developing a broad range of digital communication systems, including wideband cellular telephony, personal communications services, wireless LANs, and military reconnaissance equipment. Visit our Product page for more information on our line of spread spectrum development and test equipment.

Spread Spectrum Resources Directory

New Wave Instruments maintains a comprehensive directory of exceptional spread spectrum resources, ranging from tutorials, theory, and circuit diagrams, to development tools, OEM products, and spread spectrum consultants. Visit our Spread-Spectrum Resource Directory today.

RF Wireless & Digital Communication Terms

Following are general wireless terms that are often associated with spread spectrum technology. Acronyms are provided for your convenience.

For a definition of any of these terms, we suggest visiting Agilent's Online Wireless Dictionary, available in both HTML and PDF format. If you can't find your wireless term there, try TIA B2B's Digital Communications Glossary. While it doesn't go into as much detail, it certainly covers a lot more ground -- nearly 6000 terms at last count! Both highly recommended!

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  16-state PSK
  16-state QAM
  256-state QAM
  32-state PSK
  64-state QAM
  8-state PSK
A/D, ADC   analog-to-digital converter
AF   active filter
ACI   adjacent channel interference
ACL   adjacent channel leakage
ACLR   adjacent channel leakage ratio
ACP   adjacent channel power
ACPR   adjacent channel power ratio
ACS   adjacent channel selectivity
AF   adaptive filter
ADL   analog delay line
ADPCM   adaptive differential pulse code modulation/modulator
APCM   adaptive pulse code modulation/modulator
AE   adaptive equalization/equalizer
AGC   automatic gain control
AJ   antijam (anti-jam) property
AM   amplitude modulation/modulator
ARQ   automatic retransmission request
ASK   amplitude shift keying
ASM   arbitrary spreading modulation/modulator
ATM   asynchronous transfer mode
AWGN   additive white Gaussian noise
BCH   Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem code
BEC   burst error correction
BER   bit error rate (performance)
BERT   bit error rate tester/testing
BLER   block error rate
BLS   band-limited signal
BNJ   broadband noise jamming
BOC   binary orthogonal code
BOS   block orthogonal signaling
BPF   bandpass (band-pass) filter
BPSK   binary phase shift keying
BRF   band-reject filter
BSC   binary symmetric channel
BSF   bandstop (band-stop) filter
BF   Bessel filter
BTM   backward transition matrix
BW   bandwidth
BWF   Butterworth filter
C   C band
C/I, CIR   carrier-to-interference ratio
C/N, CNR   carrier-to-noise ratio
CAF   cross-ambiguity function
CCD   charge-coupled device
CCDF   complementary cumulative distribution function
CCI   cochannel (co-channel) interference
CCRR   co-channel rejection ratio
CCSK   cyclic code (coded) shift keying
CD   coherent demodulation
CDD   code division duplexing/duplexer/duplexor
CDF   cumulative distribution function
CDM   code division multiplexing/multiplexer/ multiplexor
CDMA   code division multiple access
CDP   code domain power
CE   channel equalization/equalizer
CG   coding gain
CF   Chebychev filter
CMOS   complimentary metal oxide semiconductor
CODEC   coder/decoder
CPFSK   continuous-phase frequency shift keying
CPM   continuous phase modulation/modulator
CRC   cyclic (cyclical) redundancy code/check
CTL   code tracking loop
CW   continuous wave
D/A, DAC   digital-to-analog conversion/converter
DAMA   demand-assigned multiple access
DBM   double balanced mixer
DCR   direct conversion receiver
DCR   dual conversion receiver
DDL   digital delay line
DDS   direct digital synthesis/synthesizer
DF   decimation filter
DFE   decision feedback equalization/equalizer
DFT   discrete Fourier transform
DIF   dispersive filter
DL   downlink (down-link)
DLF   delay line filter
DLL   delay-locked loop
DM   delta modulation/modulator
DNC   discrete noiseless channel
DPM   digital phase modulation/modulator
DPSK   differential phase shift keying
DQASK   differentially phase-encoded quadrature amplitude-shift keyed modulation/modulator
DQPSK   differential-quadrature phase shift keying
DSB   double sideband modulation/modulator
DSB-SC   double sideband suppressed carrier modulation/modulator
DS-CDMA   direct sequence CDMA
DS-CDMA   direct-sequence code division multiple access
DSM   direct spread modulation/modulator
DSP   digital signal processing/processor
DSSS, DS   direct sequence spread spectrum
ECC   error correction code/coding/control
ECCM   electronic counter-countermeasure
ECL   emitter coupled logic
ECM   electronic countermeasure
ED   eye diagram
EG   energy gain
EIRP   effective isotropic radiated power
ELBS   early-late bit synchronization/synchronizer
ELGS   early-late gate synchronization/synchronizer
EMI   electromagnetic interference
EVM   error vector magnitude
FAR   false alarm rate
FBC   filter bank combiner
FCS   frame check sequence
FDD   frequency division duplexing/duplexer/duplexor
FDE   frequency domain equalization/equalizer
FDM   frequency division multiplexing/multiplexer/ multiplexor
FDMA   frequency-division multiple access
FEC   forward error correction
FER   frame error rate
FFH   fast frequency hopping
FFSK   fast frequency shift keying
FFT   fast Fourier transform
FHSS, FH   frequency hopping spread spectrum
FIR   finite impulse response (filter)
FLB   fixed-length block
FLBC   fixed-length block code
F-LFSR   Fibonacci form
FLTC   fixed-length tree code
FM   frequency modulation/modulator
FSF   frequency selective fading
FSK   frequency shift keying
FSM   field strength meter
GaAs MOSFET   gallium-arsenide metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
GDF   group delay filter
GFSK   Gaussian-filtered frequency shift keying
G-LFSR   Galois form LFSR
GMSK   Gaussian minimum shift keying
GMW   Gordon-Mills-Welch (sequence)
GPS   Global Positioning System
GSDF   Gaussian spectral density function
GSM   Groupe Speciale Mobile (what is known in English
as Global System for Mobile Communications)
GSS   geosynchronous satellite
HF   high frequency
HPA   high power amplifier
HPSK   hybrid phase shift keying
HSOC   high-speed optical correlator
I   in-phase signal
IC   integrated circuit
ICI   intercarrier interference
IDD   integrate-and-dump detection
IF   ideal filter
IDF   integrate-and-dump filter
IF   intermediate frequency
IFF   IF filter
IIR   infinite impulse response (filter)
IMD   intermodulation distortion
IMD2   second-order intermodulation distortion
IMD3   third-order intermodulation distortion
IP3   third-order intercept point
IPM   incremental phase modulation/modulator
IRF   image reject filter
IRM   image reject mixer
ISI   intersymbol interference
J/S, JSR   jammer-to-signal ratio
JM   jamming margin
Ka   Ka band
KF   Kalman filter
Ku   Ku band
L   L band
LAN   local area network
LBA   link budget analysis
LBW   loop bandwidth
LDF   loop damping factor
LEO   low earth orbit/orbiting satellite
LF   loop filter
LFSR   linear feedback shift register
LMS   least-mean-square (equalization/equalizer)
LMSE   LMS equalization/equalizer
LNA   low noise amplifier
LNB   low-noise block
LO   local oscillator
LOL   local oscillator leakage
LORAN   long range navigation
LPA   linear power amplifier
LPC   linear predictive coding
LPF   lowpass (low-pass) filter
LPI   low probability of intercept
LRS   linear recursive sequence
MF   matched filter
MAP   maximum a posteriori receiver
MAPSK   multiple-amplitude PSK
MBF   Modified Bessel function
MCA   Monte Carlo analysis
MCS   Monte Carlo simulation
MCTL   modified code-tracking loop
MDA   multiple-dwell acquisition
MDT   mean dwell time
ME   maximum entropy
MEO   medium earth orbit/orbiting satellite
MEO   medium earth satellite
MFC   microwave frequency counter
MFE   matched filter estimator
MFSK   m-ary FSK
MIC   multiply-and-integrate correlation
MSF   microstrip filter
ML   maximum likelihood (receiver)
MLE   maximum likelihood estimation/estimator
MLS   maximal length sequence
MLSE   maximum likelihood sequence estimation/estimator
MMIC   monolithic microwave integrated circuit
MPA   microwave power amplifier
MPC   Mersenne prime code
MPF   multipath fading
MPSK   m-ary PSK
MQPSK   modified QPSK
MSK   minimum shift keying
MSRG   modular shift register generator
MTJ   multitone jamming
NCD   noncoherent (non-coherent) correlation detection
NCD   noncoherent (non-coherent) demodulation
NF   noise factor
NLFFL   nonlinear (non-linear) feedforward logic
NNB   null-to-null bandwidth
NSR   Nyquist sampling rate
OCQPSK   orthogonal complex-quadrature phase shift keying
OFDM   coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing/multiplexer/ multiplexor
OFDM   orthogonal frequency division multiplex
OP   orthogonality properties
OPSK   offset phase shift keying
OQPSK   offset-quadrature phase shift keying
PA   power amplifier
PAA   phased array antenna
PF   passive filter
PAM   pulse amplitude modulation/modulator
PCM   pulse code modulation/modulator
PCN   personal communications (communication) network
PCS   personal communications (communication) services/system
PDF   phase delay filter
PDF   probability density function
PDG   phase detector gain
PDM   pulse duration modulation/modulator
PECL   positive emitter coupled logic
PER   packet error rate
PFM   pulse-frequency modulation/modulator
PG   processing (process) gain
PLL   phase locked (lock) loop
PMMIC   power MMIC
PN   pseudonoise (pseudo-noise)
PN11   11-stage pseudonoise sequence
PN13   13-stage pseudonoise sequence
PN15   15-stage pseudonoise sequence
PN23   23-stage pseudonoise sequence
PN9   9-stage pseudonoise sequence
PNG   pseudonoise (pseudo-noise) generator
PNM   phase noise measurement/measure
PPM   pulse position modulation/modulator
PRBS   pseudorandom (pseudo-random) bit sequence
PSA   parallel-search acquisition
PSD   power spectral density
PSK   phase shift keying
PTM   pulse-time modulation/modulator
PWM   pulse width modulation/modulator
Q   quadrature-phase signal
Q   quality factor
QAM   quadrature amplitude modulation/modulator
QASK   quadrature amplitude shift keying
QPSK   quadrature phase shift keying
QSG   quadrature signal generator
RADEM   random access delta modulation/modulator
RAM   random access memory
RARASE   recursion-aided rapid acquisition sequential estimation
RBC   random block coding
RC   reflection coefficient
RCF   raised cosine filter
RCS   radar cross-section
RF   radio frequency
RFA   RF power amplifier
RFC   RF frequency counter
RFIC   radio frequency integrated circuit
RM   Reed-Muller (code)
RRC   root raised cosine
RRCF   root raised cosine filter
RS   Reed-Solomon (code)
S   S band
S/I, SIR   signal-to-interference ratio
S/N, SNR   signal-to-noise ratio
SAR   synthetic aperture radar
SAW   surface acoustic wave device
  synchronous CDMA
SCPDM   suppressed-clock pulse duration modulation/modulator
SCT   sliding correlator/tracker
SCW   scrambled continuous wave
SDA   single-dwell acquisition
SDM   sigma-delta modulation/modulator
SDMA   space division multiple access
SE   sequential estimation
SFDR   spurious free dynamic range
SFH   slow frequency hopping
SHR   superheterodyne receiver
SJR, S/J   signal-to-jammer ratio
SNRF   slow nonselective Rician fading
SPRT   sequential probability ratio test
SQPN   staggered quadriphase PN modulation/modulator
SRG   shift register generator
SRS   transmitted reference synchronization
SS   spread spectrum
SSA   serial-search acquisition
SSB   single sideband (side-band) modulation/modulator
SSMA   spread spectrum multiple access
SSPA   solid-state power amplifier
SSRG   simple shift register generator
SS-TDMA   satellite-switched TDMA
SVM   space vector modulation/modulator
SWR   standing wave ratio
TCM   trellis code (coded) modulation/modulator
TDD   time division duplexing/duplexer/duplexor
TDE   time domain equalization/equalizer
TDL   tapped delay line
TDL   tau-dither loop
TDM   time division multiplexing/multiplexer/ multiplexor
TDMA   time division multiple access
TDRSS   tracking and data relay satellite system
TD-SCDMA   time-division synchronous CDMA
TD-SCDMA   time-division synchronous code-division multiple access
TDT   tau-dither tracking/tracker
TH   time hopping
TJT   tau-jitter tracking/tracker
TTL   transistor-transistor logic
TW   time-bandwidth product
TWT   traveling wave tube
UHF   ultra high frequency
UL   uplink (up-link)
VCO   voltage controlled oscillator
VHF   very high frequency
VLB   variable-length block
VLBC   variable-length block code
VLTC   variable-length tree code
VNA   vector network analyzer
VSA   vector signal analyzer
VSB   vestigial sideband modulation/modulator
VSWR   voltage standing wave ratio
WAN   wide area network
  wideband CDMA
WF   Wiener filter
WGF   waveguide filter
WGN   white Gaussian noise
  wireless local area network
X   X band

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